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Cans and cannots

oli can draw

  • OCs and personas

  • Fanart

  • Mild ship art

  • Kemonomimi

  • Scenery

  • Flora & Fauna

  • Gore / Body Horror

oli cannot draw

  • Explicit NSFW / Nudity

  • Mecha / Complex Machinery

  • Furry / Anthro Art

  • Hate Art

What to prepare

Reference Images

Very important if you're commissioning an OC or persona... or if you want Oli to draw uh, let's say your mom (I don't know your mom) or if you want a certain styling you just can't seem to express through words.


Be as specific as you can. What sort of vibes do you want the artwork to give off? Do you want your character killing it in a saucy pose? Your gory monster gorging itself on some fire lamb chop? Some fantasy landscape where santa and satan are best bros? Frogs on a boat?

You could also give me a simple backstory on what inspired this idea or what you intend to use the artwork for so that I can better illustrate your concept!

BTW it's fine if you can't brain it out totally (don't panic). What's important is to have a rough idea of what you want so I know where to start. 

Ok kiddo whaddya need? Podcast cover art? Oc doodles? Full-blown illustrations? Relax. Oli got you covered. 

commission request

vroom vroom sit tight oli will contact you asap

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